Call for Associated Social Events

Call for Online and In-person Social Event Proposals

October 11th – October 17th

ICCV 2021 will continue to support and promote the online community-building role that has become central to computer vision and machine learning conferences during the pandemic. We hope to create opportunities for high-quality interactions, allowing ICCV 2021 participants to meet new colleagues from around the world, to share knowledge, best-practices, opportunities, and interests. To enable this, we will support several virtual rooms and socials, in the spirit of recent conferences such as NeurIPS and ICLR.

Social events will be participant-led, accessible video-driven meetings centered around a broad range of themes of interest in the computer vision community, examples include

  • Specific research topics and interests (e.g., generative models, reinforcement learning, covid-19, social impact of vision and ML technologies).
  • Skills exchange and training (e.g., presentation skills, academic career applications), supporting affinity group meetings (e.g., QueerInAI, Women in Computer Vision),
  • AMA (ask me anything!) events connecting senior and junior researchers.
  • Or other social and intellectual gatherings (e.g., 1st virtual conference).
  • Entrepreneurship fireside chat.
  • In-person events can be organized locally, as permitted.

Non-technical events could include Computer Vision-related art (e.g. original video or image presentations), music (e.g. live/recorded performances) and writing (e.g. sci-fi, short format).

Social events will be listed on the ICCV 2021 Virtual Conference webpage and will be publicized in the conference event calendar.

Important Dates

·               Submission Deadline: September 17, 2021

·               Notification: September 20, 2021


  • Those interested in hosting a virtual room/social are asked to complete The Submission Form before theSubmission deadline September 10, 2021.
  • The suggested format will be a 2-hour long video session, led by two organizers (who will organize, moderate, and ensure respectful communication). Organizers and guests should be registered participants of ICCV.
  • Submissions will be reviewed in a timely fashion following the deadline. In order to ensure a balanced program of events, we may suggest combining events or alternative dates/times.

Evaluation Criteria

Event proposals will be evaluated evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Community engagement (e.g., statement on diversity and inclusion, promotion of local ML initiatives, local events and socials, serving regions with minimal access to conferences, etc.)
  • Organizing team (e.g., organizational expertise, past experience in organizing similar events, ability to attract participants and volunteers, etc.)
  • Content (e.g., broadcasting a large part of the conference: orals, keynotes, tutorials; hosting local speakers, posters, workshops, and tutorials, etc.)
  • Proposed schedule (e.g., one or more days during the ICCV 2021 conference dates)

Code of conduct: As part of ICCV 2021, social events are subject to the general code of conduct of the meeting.

For sponsors

For organizations that wish to sponsor (but not organize) an ICCV social event, please fill out the following form.